Turning EP

by Is World

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Recorded in the Fall of 2010 in Ian’s room by:

Ian Lambach - Vocals on Either/Or, For Now and Stuck with Me, Guitars, Keyboards, Sequencing
Steve Maule - Drums, Bass, Lead Vocals on Stuck with Me

Produced and Engineered by Jeremy Suman


released November 28, 2010


tags: rock Moline


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Is World Moline, Illinois

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Track Name: Either/Or

Push me, You don’t think I can
Closer you get, The more I am
I thought if we talked
We would get along

Draining, Your head looks awfully hazy
Sort of makes me feel alone
I thought if I stayed
We could still be friends

Man I feel so I don’t know
Misdirection, It’s all what for
Should I stick around or go

Lazy, Girl you barely grazed me
You laid me on the grass for weeks
I thought if I tried, You would stick around

Sing out, Allow yourself to grow
These days I just feel so old
I thought if I lied
You would stick around

The sort of girl who knows her name
And the dignity of change
Writes a letter to herself
The letter’s read by no one else

She’s three different people
All of which I know are evil
In the morning the sun will rise
But I won’t be there with you guys
The things I’ve done are on my tracks
Nothing can stay in the past
If you love me then please listen
Keep me close like an old religion

We will learn to stand apart
From influence and from the dark
Track Name: For Now
For Now

When I held close the sun
And opened my eyes
It felt so real

You said you were there
But where are you now

If there’s no truth
Maybe I’ll try harder
I’ll make a science out of lying

When I’m done
Close enough to live my own life
Then another life will face me

We are little kids running around
We are the only ones for miles
Let us live long
Please God give us that
I was not born
No meaning will be found

They sit as they were
Alone in this world
Can people change

I pray to her most every night
It brings her back to life

I need you

Say it to me
As we accelerate to an unsafe speed
Where are you now
Track Name: Stuck with Me
Stuck with Me

Do you feel that it’s gone
Is this alright
Can I carry your weight anymore
Or have I let you all down from my mistakes
Sometimes it’s hard to just accept

Do you remember the substance and care
Now when I look into those eyes only half is there
And we just need stability but what will come of that
We wait and see since we invested so much time

An honest person could never lie to the ones who helped create them
But what’s the truth when life gets in the way
Every morning I wake up feeling alone
We are binded by tradition, stories from the past
If I would be the real me you wouldn’t even stay here
It’s time to laugh and move along
Green Day is the World’s Greatest Band
You don’t even understand
They formed around 1988
Their music is catchy fast and great
Dookie was really really good
But Warning is probably just as good
People say that they have not aged well
I disagree and think that they still rock